Christmas Carols

Origin, History, Facts and Trivia on Christmas Carols

Christmas Carol is a unavoidable part of Christmas along with Christmas Hampers, Christmas Gifts, christmas gift baskets and Christmas Decorations. Christmas Carol is a hymn or song whose words are describing the winter setting and the Christmas itself. Lyrics also include the traditions and customs associated with the Christmas. Caroling is a popular custom which being observed every Christmas season in many countries.
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Origin of Christmas Carols

Carol, or “Noel” and “Carole” for some, is a word derived from Anglo-Norman and French origin. The word means circular dancing together with singing. Christmas carols were generally defined as songs used to express religious merriment and are often associated with holiday season.

Christmas Carols History

It is believed that it was 13th century that the custom of Christmas carols singing was initiated. According to research, Christmas carols were sung in harvest festivals and holiday season particularly Christmas. The years of 1350 to 1550 was considered as the golden era of Christmas carol.

Christmas carol became popular as a form of religious hymns and songs having the theme which described Jesus, Saints and Mother Mary and used the combination of two languages – English and Latin.

In 15th Century, Christmas carol became the art music. It was considered as the important part of traditional English music.

In 16th century, the Christmas carol’s popularity faded and almost disappears. It was not until 18th century that the carol was revived. Most of popular Christmas songs we know of today were composed during those years.

Facts and Trivia about Christmas Carols

Did you know?
  • In early times, Carol was refereed as the circular dance accompanied by music. Years after, it was developed into musical piece with refrain and verses. Although not all traditional carols had Christmas lyrics, most of them were related to Christmas celebration, Advent, Jesus Christmas, Mary and saints.
  • Boar’s Head Carol, printed in 1521, is a traditional English carol which describes the boar’s head as traditional dish on Christmas Eve.
  • Saint Francis of Assisi introduced the Christmas Carols as part of religious church services.
  • Silent Night is another old Christmas son written by Joseph Mohr in 1818. He composed the song after he learned about the broken Christmas organ. It was then he compose 'Stille Nacht' that could be sung with guitar and choir.
  • On 3rd of November year 2009, the world record of prime number of carolers who simultaneously sing Christmas carol was broke by the Christmas sing along event, led by Andrea Bocelli – having 14,000 people singing.